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July 12, 2009

Chimney Repair Bucks County

I made this video to send to Estates Chimney repair of bucks county to see what they think of my chimney. Does my chimney need repairing? I don’t know. It looks fine to me. The roof near the chimney might need repaired, as we get a bit of water dripping into the garage when we get a hard rain.

Fear not, I did make it down with out incident. If anything I got some good roof top footage of the area surrounding our Montgomery county house.

As I have stated before, I am not an expert chimney repairman, so I have no idea if our chimney needs any servicing. Have you had to have your Chimney repaired?


August 30, 2007

Undertaking Home Improvement

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Lizzie, my wife and I have started fixing up the house in order to hopefully sell it for a good profit. Selling or renting, we have been waffling between the two. The plan had been to buy another house and rent this one. But somehow, probably when her Lizzie’s pop was in the hospital, the idea of buying a house with an in-law suite was born and soon took on a life unto itself.

So Lizzie went on one of those home improvement referral sites,  and soon she had contractors calling her to give her estimates. One contractor from Boyertown, Luciano Bathrooms I believe, who looks they would do awesome work on remodeling our bathroom, was just way over our price range.  We currently have two contractors doing work on the house.

The first contractor who is from Bizzy Bees Professional Services,  will be starting this weekend, and will be putting a new roof on the garage and a few other minor things.  The second contractor, Solomon Construction Services, out of Pottstown, came in with the low bid, and will be doing the majority of the home improvements.

We gave Randy Nagir, the general contractor our deposit yesterday, and he and two of his workers were here this morning  starting on the kitchen. We emptied out all the cabinets yesterday so that they could take off all  the doors and cabinets to repaint them and put on new hardware.

When Randy, gave us his price, we then met with him to discuss everything he would be doing. I requested several references from him, of which I called and they both said he did an awesome job and would highly recommend him as a contractor.

I did not ask him for his documentation concerning insurance and licensing( his card states that has both).

What Randy will be doing includes but is not limited to.

  • Painting down stairs.
  • resurfacing the hard wood floors down stairs.
  • remodeling the upstairs bathroom to include a new shower, toilet and ceiling, vanity, and bathroom floor.
  • Painting upstairs.
  • Carpet upstairs.
  • painting and putting on finish trim on front porch.

As Randy says, he wants to not just do this job, but wants to be our contractor for life. He is developing a referral business.

Well further postings about our home improvement status will be posted later.